Monday, April 25, 2011

Eggsacting fun

Our Good friday egg decorating thingy.

Easter egg decorating?  Check.

Topiaries and things

Incidentally found this tutorial for making topiaries from jelly beans.  So in my copious amounts of free time (like, from 10 pm-4 a.m.!!) I made a couple.  Nothing better to do, of course.  HA!  But time went quickly, since I was fueling myself on the non-pastel colored jelly beans.  Glue one, eat two, glue one, eat one...

The question now is how do I preserve them from getting all goopy and attracting bugs until next year?

A couple of other things from our table:

Easter bunny napkin folds can be found here.  I found the fabric but didn't have time to hem the napkins, so the edges are raw.  Ah well.  I'll hem them for next year!

The easter egg place setting was done by emptying the egg and decopauging tissue to the shells with Mod Podge.  The tutorial can be found here.  They were great fun to make!  I made the dessert from the egg whites.  The rest of the table was fabric that I found lying around and scrapbook paper that we shredded with the cutter and twirled around pencils.  And yellow plates from the dollar store.  Because they looked so much happier than my white ones and made me so much happier not to have to wash them! 

Add a family of great friends, and we had a lovely evening!

I'd love to hear how you spent your Easter and about your Easter traditions, your table, food, etc. 

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!

The most exciting thing to happen since the birth of my children

Yes, it's true.  This is homemade bread actually rising.

Which, if you know my bread making history, never happens around here.

I did a dance of joy.

Then we made these:

And we rejoiced.

It was an Easter miracle.

recipe can be found here

They look quite petite at the Taste of Home site.
Ours, however?  Were humungous.
Note to self:  Next year, despite what the recipe says, make 'em smaller.

The end.