Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet our newest.

J has a kitten!  When we went to look at the litter, this little guy wouldn't take his eyes of her.  I'm truly convinced cats pick their people, and he knew he was supposed to be Julia's baby.

We have had him almost three weeks now (May 27 was his adoption day), and he's the cutest.  Vet thinks he was a little bit younger than they said he was--probably 7 weeks instead of 8--but he's healthy and full of energy.

This image I took the second day.  Used one of Julia's dolly blankets draped over a cradle.

Belle and Minou are best friends.  I think Minou found comfort in having a furry body that didn't hiss at him (Mooch and Nellie are less than impressed).

Watching them play is adorable.  I have a little video I took the other day.  Belle is so gentle--and Minou's little claws must hurt on her nose!  But she loves it.  Rolls over onto her back, nudges him with her nose, puts her tail in his face so he's got something to chase, bats him gently with her paws.  She can't get enough of her little kitty friend.  She really mothers him, too, and watches out for him when the other cats get growly.

Here's a picture of him a week after we got him:

And here he is last week.  Getting big!!

It's so fun having a little one around.  He's tackling my toes as I type this.  Julia is learning what it's like to be a parent, as she's not getting much sleep, what with him up at all hours, rubbing against her face, trying to give her kisses.  I think this cat thinks he's a dog!


After a photo shoot the other day, Julia wanted me to take her picture on the rail.  Here it is, edited with Florabella Colorplay actions.

Love my girlie!