About me

I'm originally from British Columbia, Canada, now living in Pennsylvania.   I've never been on a dogsled or lived in an igloo, but I have had a good dose of ice, snow, and moose nonetheless.  I don't often say eh but have been known to draw out my "ou", so I'm liable so say something that sounds a bit more like "oat" instead of "out."  And I'm proud of that!  I'm married and have two great kids that make me smile at least once every day and who give me my daily dose of hugs.

I enjoy things that give me an opportunity to create something beautiful and worthwhile. Photography has allowed me to do this while giving me the opportunity to see and appreciate things things from perhaps a different persepective than I otherwise would.

I feel truly blessed to be able to capture fleeting memories through this art form.

I'm inspired by simple beauty,
whether it be in a smile,
a baby's curled fist,
or a piece of fuzz on a thistle. 

And sometimes, I just take photos of goofy things
that make me smile
or don't seem particularly worthy of being captured,

just because I love being behind the lens!

Eventually, I'd like to do this on a more serious basis, but for now I'm loving the learning process.

If you're ever in the Johnstown area, I'd love the opportunity to practice my portrait skills, so please feel free to get in touch!