Monday, October 31, 2011

October snow

This is what we beheld on Saturday morning:

 The kids had a ball, of course.  Spent the whole afternoon out there, came in for a late lunch--and wouldn't stop eating!

Belle had an OK time as well.  :o)

Supposed to melt this week, but I think it's going to be cooooold trick-or-treating tonight!

Julia's baptism

I'm sure most of you who have been around here much have figured out that I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I don't really go into my faith on this blog much, since it's not only a personal blog but also somewhat of a professional one.  But every once in awhile it's worth mentioning, simply because it's integral to who I am.  Anyway, last Saturday was my daughter's baptism, and it was lovely.  She was so excited to be baptised!  When she wrote in her journal that night, part of her entry read, "Outside I felt like a soggy wet sponge, but inside I felt all warm and fuzzy."  Isn't that sweet?

Here's the one and only photo that was taken, which I did quickly in the hall between making sure everything was ready and also making sure there was at least one photo.  Since we didn't have any other family there other than my husband's 86-year-old mother (it has been a lovely visit--she's still here perusing cookbooks as I type!), there wasn't anyone to see that photos were taken of the family and such, but at least there's one of Julia and her daddy.

As a side note:  Every once in awhile I do a double take with Julia, because she looks soooo much like her cousin, Trina.   This is one of those photos where I really see the resemblance.  When the nurse first put Julia in my arms, I looked down and thought, "Trina twin!"  Truly the Rutz genes win out with this girl, while Adam looks just like me.  OK not really.  He's a lot shorter and is all boy.  But there's no mistaking that he's my son!

We were blessed to have many friends--both members of the church and non-members alike--attend, and Julia was amazed at all the people coming out to support her.  Thank you all so much--you made the day complete.  When I think of the wonderful people in our lives I feel so lucky to be here and know so many first rate folks.  I don't know how I hit the jackpot, but I'm grateful.

Also thanks to those who participated in the service, speaking, playing the piano, directing the music, jumping in to help with the refreshments, and the other miriad of things that made everything go smoothly.  The day was extra special because of you!  Thanks!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Beth and Co.

Was able to get these shots of Beth's family yesterday--right before it started to rain and before the wind and blowing and COLD that came in today.  YAY!