Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soccer Sweeties

Adam...ah yes, I'm gonna have troubles with this one!  HA!

First soccer game today, photos prior.  Here he is with some of his team mates.

Lapping it up with his sister and an older woman.  teehee

We were at the field for HOURS today.  And it got FREEZING cold.  Adam and I wrapped up in my big hoodie and cocooned while Julia played.


I keep telling myself it will be the end of June soon.  And I also tell myself that when Hubs gets back HE'S going to spend hours and hours freezing at the field the first season back while I hang out nice and warm at home with a hot cocoa and a novel.  So be it.


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Chris said...

Beautiful photos, as always. You always make me smile and laugh! Happy Mother's Day!