Monday, January 9, 2012

Sparks the Elf

We started the Elf on the Shelf thing this December.  It was kind of fun--although the elf IS rather creepy looking.  The kids started writing little notes to him, and he'd reply.  Julia gave him cookies and other goodies, and he got the kids a Christmas ornament.

I forgot to post some photos of the "best of the elf," so without further ado, I present to you--Sparks.

 Helping take out the tree decorations.

Indulging in a nice, sweet breakfast while attending an elf meeting.

Kinda like a ball pit--only with marshmallow "snowballs!"

The kids had a really hard time finding him up here!

I really appreciated the help this year. 

Must get squeaky clean after all that messing around.

I don't have photos of him sharing Christmas cookies with Julia's stuffed animals, diving off a Christmas tree branch, sleeping in the gravy boat, eating from the gingerbread house...which reminds me that I KNOW I took some photos of the gingerbread house and him by it.  Hang on...hmn.  I looked through everything and they appear not to be on my computer, or else they'll show up somewhere odd.  How strange.  He was with us for about three weeks, and got into all kinds of mischief--it's just the mother who wasn't as with it as she should have been with the camera.  I'll have to dig out the little notes the kids wrote and scan them.  They were sweet, and his responses were remarkably wise, considering the mess he made around here...


A Box of Chocolates said...

oh gosh i love this what fun the snow angel gorgeous and in the strainer funny love it

Chris said...

Hi Lynnn, I finally got to see the "Elf on the Shelf" last December when one of the major TV syndicates had a half-hour show about him and I loved it!!! However, since our daughter is grown and flown the coop it's nice to be able, through your hilarious photos, see what it's like to have an "Elf on the Shelf." I'm surprised at you though, why haven't you sat him down, that is when you can catch him, and have a talk to him about pulling his weight around the house by doing some major cleaning chores, preferably the odious ones you don't particularly like. Tell him it would go a long way to letting him stay on until next December when he can return to his normal holiday duties!!! Yes, I know I have WAYYYYYY too much time on my hands!!! Love the post!!! Reminds me I need to get on the post ball myself!!!