Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

My dear bloggy buddy Chris at An Inch Of Time  presented me with this Kreativ Blogger award.  I won't even say how long ago, but I think it's at least a month.

Complete with trumpet fanfare and the keys to the city.  :D  I'm honored--but intimidated. I had to back away from reading so many blogs over the past year, and haven't kept in touch so much.  I don't even know that many folks are even READING my blog anymore, since comments have subsided to a trickle.  I'll pass this award along to some blogs that I like--even though I don't comment as much anymore.  And they might wonder who I am!

But anyway.  I'm supposed to write down 10 things about myself that people might not know.

This is going to be hard!


1.  Erm.

2.  Ah...sheesh.  I can't think of anything interesting about myself that folks might not know!

3.  OK.  I can hook a worm, club a fish, and gut it without a shudder.

4.   I'm the odd female in my immediate family, being the only one that likes to shop.  It's a pity I can't afford to do it!  My cross to bear.  Now let me go grab a chocolate bar and bemoan my fate.

5.  Favorite vacation was to Assateague Island with the kids two summers ago.  Had a wonderful time tent camping.  Captain Barry's boat tour where we learned how to go clamming and crabbing was too fun.  I finally got a tan that summer!

6.  I have three antique cameras and really really want to spring for some film and make them earn their keep.  I know where to get the film, just can't justify the expense. In the meantime, they look cool sitting on the shelf.

7.  I'm a fluent piglatin speaker.

8.  I want to travel.  I love interesting places.  I want to go to Europe again with new and older eyes (after going when I was only 12 and not aware enough to really know what I was experiencing).  I also want to go to Australia.  And many other places!  I fear that although we're fairly close to NYC we won't get there, and the thought gives me the shakes.  Being from the Canadian west, it would also seem criminal not to explore eastern Canada a bit while we're in the general vicinity, but finances--again--force us to stay put.  Wah.  I need another chocolate bar.

9.  Cream peas on toast makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Sounds gross--but it's comfort food at its best.  Or maybe it just reminds me of childhood.  I haven't converted anyone else in this house to its deliciousness.  Ah well--all the more for me!

10.  I've got odd thumbs.  But I think I've mentioned that before.

11 and 12 (since I cheated on 1 and 2):  I'd love to live at the turn of the century.  Only with money and indoor plumbing.  I love the pace of life, the gentility--and the clothing.  Which is partly why I love Downton Abbey with an unhealthy passion.  And I miss Canada.  That's all.

And now for six other blogs.  They're going to be surprised to get this, since they don't know I've been stalking them!

1.  Caroline at Constantly Evolving My word, what beautiful, beautiful photos.  When I want to relax and chill and feel something beautiful, I head over to her place.  Swoon.

2.  Robert at Daily Athens.  Beautiful words.  Cool photos from a place that I've always been fascinated by.  Someday when I go on that European trip, I'm going to meet this guy.  Robert--I know I used to comment on your blog all the time.  Believe me when I tell you I still stop by--I just don't comment as I ought.

3.  Petchy at Randomness by Petchy  I love her.  And she doesn't know I exist because I don't think I've EVER commented.  So go check out her sweet blog.  Thank you.

4.  Charlotte at Memories for Later  If she's not making me giggle, she's making me think. And I almost always can sympathize.  My husband and I have adopted her "A uterus is what makes women find things better than men" theory.  The problem is that sometimes my husband must borrow my uterus...

5.  Karrie at Dirt Don't Hurt  because her posts are funny, relevant, and she posts yummy recipes sometimes.  I LIKE this girl!

6.  And last but not least, my dear hubster at What's Happening In Yerbouti.  He has created a country and writes about it on a fairly regular basis.  He's a miniatures gamer, and creates scenarios to play with Yerbouti as the setting.  He has another blog where he documents his zombie games, of all things.  But I think the Yerbouti one is a bit more accessible!!

And a photo of mine, since this IS a photo blog, after all.  So here's a Phipps Phish.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks upon this kindness. I shall get me courage together and search for ten things of meself.

Please have a good Thursday.

Chris said...

Love the fish photo!!! Way cool!!! Odd thumbs huh? I'll have to check that out when I visit. BTW, I also want to go to Australia and live during the turn of the century, 19th that is. At least I think it's the 19th? Anyway, loved learning these things about you.