Monday, June 18, 2012


I recently had the opportunity to photograph three bffs.  It was one of those things where I had the perfect background in mind that I've wanted to take photos with for ages.  So away we went to the orangy/red/peeling painted wall.  But the only parking was in a HVAC place.  Where I immediately stepped into a puddle.  But gamely we crossed the street.  I took out my camera and...

No memory card.

Seriously???  I couldn't beliiiiiieve it.  I ALWAYS have an extra in my bag, but was it there?


So in the cars we went and to my place, where I grabbed a card and a new pair of shoes, since mine were covered in what could very well have been sewage.  So we changed routes and went someplace else, and I'm still wanting to do the red wall, so if anyone wants to brave the HVAC company's parking lot, let me know.  HA!!

Lesson learned.  ALWAYS check for the memory card, even when you are CONVINCED it's there.  


Anyway, the girls were great and game and couldn't stop talking.  

Here's Annie.  She's a musician--plays the cello among other things--and she's the intern for the choir my kids sing at.  They LOVE her!  Annie, Julia says to tell you that I made your face and eyes go all red when I edited these.  It has to do with the masking tool I used, but she said it made you look really cool--like a vampire!!!  Bwahaha!

Shelby.  Shelby's a dancer, and you could tell from the way she carries herself.  And the fact that when I said, "Use ballet hands," she knew EXACTLY what I meant!

And Jessica.  Jess is into clothes.  Oh yes, she is!  And it came about it conversation that she used to be a model.  So I was all excited--and then she said it was when she was a baby!  The girls kept bugging her that she should STILL be a model--she just needs to stand on a stool.  She's seriously a pretty girl, yes?

After we did some "normal" shots, I dug out the tulle and brown paper and a vintage hat and experimented a bit.

For some reason, I really like this one of Jess.  So she gets another mention:

And we HAD to get some together.  So here are they are!

Thanks girls.  Sewage aside and AWOL card aside, I had a great time hanging with you!


Chris said...

No memory card huh? Well, I think I can top that. In my olden days of using film I went off to a nearby lake and set my camera/tripod under an overpass and waited for the sun to set. I'm clicking away thinking dreaming of how they're going to look after they're processed. It took me awhile but I realized the lever to advance the film sounded and felt different than when there's film in the camera. I checked the back window on a camera and couldn't believe my eyes. Yup you guessed it, NO FILM!!!! And like you I had none in my camera bag!!! To say I was a tad upset is putting it mildly. It only takes one time to learn something like this.

Chris said...

Oh I forgot to add in my last comment, beautiful, beautiful photos of the girls. You are very, very good at this Lynn!!!