Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's Go Do The Hop

So.  The other evening I'm sitting in the living room when something goes flying onto the table.  "Did you throw something?" I ask Meryl.  "Nope."  Then the cat jumps down and acts all interested in something under the coffee table.  I didn't pay much attention.

About half an hour later, HOP!!  Onto the table jumped a huge grasshopper.  When I went anywhere near him to catch him, he'd jump away.  And every single time it startled me and I'll let out a screech and a giggle.  Yes, it's true.  And I'm not too ashamed to admit it.

He had Meryl and I jumping and hopping after him all over the living room, until finally he hopped behind the sofa and that was it.

Cue the next afternoon when:

"MOOOOM!!  *giggle giggle laugh* There's the grasshopper!"

Obviously too tired and probably hungry to complain, he let us catch him and put him on the porch, where he hung out for awhile, crawling on Adam, and the walls and windoww ledges, until finally disappearing.

I love his colors, don't you?

And he was STRONG.  I still can't believe how high he could jump!

And how such a little guy made me jump nearly as high!


Gotta love nature!


Anonymous said...

:) So you got a taste of summer. Wonderful. Over here they look nearly alike, even though many times they are about twice that big.
Their friends, the cicadas, make noise for month, day and night. Still not used to. Please have you all a good new month ahead.

Chris O said...

Love these photos especially the one of Adam! Reminds me of Jiminy Cricket. Yes, I love his colors!