Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 'n stuff

Lots of dibs and dabs in this post.  Got back from Canada late Tuesday night and shrieked, "EEEEEK!!!  Halloween party on Friday, trick-or-treating on Thursday!  No costumes done!!!  No pumpkins purchased, let alone carved.  EEEEK-EEEEEEK! 

At which point I curled up in the fetal position and moaned.

Then grabbed the glue gun.  The glue gun is truly inspired.  So Wednesday afternoon I put Julia's costume together.  Then Thursday we went trick-or-treating.  Not in our neighbourhood.  We neighbourhood hopped (tsk tsk) because ours is on the sabbath.  So we found a quiet neighbourhood in the area doing the trick-or-treat thing on Thursday, and everyone was happy to have people come to their door. 

For the record, it was frizzing.  Frizzing, I tell you.  I had to check for fingers afterwards.  All were still miraculously attached.

I'm afraid Adam's did NOT involve a glue gun.  Originally, he wanted to be a pumpkin, but his costume from two years ago was too small.  So off to the store.  On sale.  Pirate.  AAARRR!!

Julia's school party.  Do you think they had a good time? 

Here's a clue:

(Julia's feet, btw.  She was a scarecrow)

Here's a couple other clues:

(Here's my girl.  Surprisingly quiet.  hehe)

Obviously, yes.

Did the teacher have fun?  Well, yeeeeeeesss....and nooooo...

But she was so very upbeat about the whole thing, that I don't think it was until everyone left that day that she had a breakdown (kidding, Lori!  You're awesome!!!)


Brought the kids to Weakland Farms for our annual trip.  Wasn't sure about going this year, because it has been so cold.  But today was quite lovely, so away we went!

Did we have a good time?


...with friend.

Hay in her hair.  Stayed there pretty much the whole time.

Got some pumpkins from the patch here.  Beautiful punkins at a fraction of the cost of anywhere else.  So fun!  The kids drew on them (and I carved) this evening.  Too cute. 

We didn't do the corn maze this year, which we usually do and enjoy, because it was getting late, and I didn't have my cell phone on me in case we got lost.  Which was highly likely, seeing as how the maze from the air looks like THIS this year:

I could just see us in there.  All dark.  "Anybody here?  Anybody?  Anybody?

So instead we came home.  Safer that way.


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Anonymous said...

Life's good - perfectly put into scenery by your photography. May time and life continue to treat you all kind.

Over here, a lot of work, from 10.00 until 21.00 - same tomorrow ...

Please have a good new month and week as well.

daily athens