Sunday, October 3, 2010

Katie Continued

I really like this photo of Katie, so had to show it off   share.

While Katie's mom was in the hospital waiting room the other day, she was looking at the online photo album.  A lady watched over her shoulder, liked the photos, and asked her for my number so she could ask me to take her daughter's senior photos.  I'm not sure if I really feel ready to take photos of people I don't know, yet, but I guess eventually it was going to happen.  So this Friday's the day!  Cross your fingers for me!  I'm afraid I'm a little...


Joyce said...

Katie's is beautiful. I can see why this is a favorite photo.
I understand how you feel cuz I would feel the same. The first is always the scariest, but you have nothing to worry about my friend. Keep me posted how things go and I will send postives thoughts your way. xo

April said...

Good for you!! Congrats. You do good work. Besides, put on that air of confidence and they'll believe it too. If they didn't think you were talented, they would have never followed through with a call. Good luck!