Saturday, July 23, 2011

A few days back, when it wasn't pouring for a few seconds...

My mud-spattered Julia girl at the lake.  She's wearing her jacket because it was COLD out there.  Why black and white?  Because no matter what I did, I couldn't make the colours look right!  Adjusted white balance, sliders all over the place, and it either looked too orange, too green, too blue, or too dull.  So black and white it is.  But you just thought it was artistic and that's what I wanted, right?  

 Whey aren't there pics of Adam, you ask?  Because even though it was chilly, he was wearing just his unders and his imagination. 

Love these trees.  I always thought they were aspens, but just now when I tried to find out for sure I found thatt what I always called a poplar tree is actually a trembling aspen, and that poplar is just another word for it.  So now I have to find out what these are.  They have pretty frilly leaves and make teensy weensy little pine cone-like seeds.

Looking west from Mom's shore.

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kathryn said...

Aw. LOVE the photo of soon as it loaded, I said, "Oh! What a pretty girl--what is that all over her face?"

Ah. all makes sense. And I laughed at your reference to Adam with his undars and his imagination!

I've missed you! I'm trying to get back on track. (Uh-huh...we've heard that before...)