Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Card

It seems like I only get out Christmas cards every two or three years, so when I do I like to do something kind of fun or creative.  One year, we did a card that was kind of like those "I Spy" books.  You know, where there's a whole bunch of stuff laid out and you have to find little objects among the mix.  I put out Christmas ornaments, beads, lights--and then stuck in little bits and pieces like a little car, paintbrushes, etc to represent certain things that had happened to us that year.  Another year I did a newspaper type thing (that was fun!).  This year I blatantly ripped off an idea that I found on line.  If you'd like to steal the idea from here, go ahead.  It was quite simple to do in Photoshop, and would probably work fairly well in Publisher as well, although it would take a bit more time probably. 

This year our list was trimmed dramatically, so I posted it on FB as well, so friends could see it there.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, our 2011 Christmas card:

Of course, I COULD send out one like this, but since the idea of my kids taking Swedish lessons to prepare their Nobel Peace Prizes seems rather preposterous, I'm just happy to report that we survived 2011 fairly intact and happy, that we're looking forward to the coming year, and we wish you all the very best!

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Chris said...

The link to the "other" Christmas letter was hilarious!! We haven't had one of those types of letter in a long time but I did love yours because it was so down to earth and believable. Thanks for the chuckle.