Monday, December 3, 2012


My son is gaga over LEGO.  It's insane.

It's all he talks about.  It's all he thinks about.  And I'm pretty sure it's all he dreams about.

His life revolves around LEGO, whether it's playing with them or looking through books and writing down quite literally pages and pages of LEGO kit numbers.

Julia sometimes says, "ADAM!!  Today is a NO LEGO DAY!!"  Sometimes it's, "MOM!!  I need an ADAM FREE DAY!"  Which really means the same thing.

Heck, sometimes I need a LEGO free day!  But it doesn't happen.

A few months ago we signed him up for the LEGO club, so every month he gets a magazine, which is kind of fun.  And a month or so ago we received a card in the mail about a LEGO Kidfest that was travelling through Pittsburgh.  So I just HAD to buy tix, because who knew when we'd get the chance again?

The anticipation was painful, but FINALLY Friday arrived.  ONE MORE SLEEP.

I had the kids put out their clothing before bed, so we'd just have to change and leave, since we had to leave early in the morning for the session.  The kids had been in bed no more than half an hour when, "MOM?  Is it time to get up yet?"

Erm.  Noooo.

5:50 on Saturday morning:

"Mom?  Mooom?  MOOOOM?  MOM!!!"  So into his room I go, to see him by the door, dressed down to his shoes.  "Mom, I slept like this last night because I don't want to be late!!"  But we weren't leaving that early, so I took off his shoes and tucked him back in for awhile.

So you can imagine how exciting actually BEING there was!

There was a huge brick pile in the middle of the hall.  They say it was one million bricks.  Adam sometimes wants to know how many a million is, and now I can tell him.  It looks like this:

It took no time for Adam to get right in the middle of it.  Some kids were laying in it, like a ball bit.

All I could think about was, "OW!  Good thing everyone is wearing shoes!!"  Stepping on THAT pile in the middle of the night would not have been fun!

There was so much to see and do.  They participated  in a tower building contest, where I won a beautiful little Christmas book because I knew the answer to a trivia question.  Watching, "How Do They Do It" with Adam paid off, because I knew where LEGO are made!  Whoot!  Here the kids are waiting to be put into a team, and then LEGO Mike measuring their tower, which came in second place.

Then to LEGO Ninjago, where the kids had fun making little spinners:

Julia had a great time at the LEGO Friends area.  She told me she wanted to stay there all day.  To say there was lots of girl power in that space was putting it mildly.  But Adam also had a great time here.  This is what I remember LEGO being--lots of architecture to make buildings.  I just read that the LEGO friends made it to the worst toys list--something to do with stereotypes.  Blah Blah.  Some girls love girly things!  And Julia is no exception.  This space was right up her alley. Master Builder Dan said that when they came out with LEGO friends, the master builders cheered, because it added so much in the way of different colours to their pallet.  So there.  LEGO Friends rock.  Dan said so.

Adam met a hero--a LEGO Master Builder!  His name was Dan, and he talked to Adam for quite awhile about building LEGO.  You could tell he was just a great big kid!

These are the kinds of things the Master Builders make.  Cool, eh?

Took a long time before I could take this shot without kids all over it.  Go away, kids.  I want a picture of Lightning.  Get outta here.  Quit spoiling my fun!  Rotten kids...  heh

Me and Indie. Daaa de da DAAA, daaa de daaa!  


Again.  Stinking kids in the background ruining the shot.  You'd thing they'd ban kids from this place.

I mean, really.  

LEGO?  Pft.  What kinda kid in their right mind would want to be at a place like this?  

Because really, it's for grownups, dontcha know?

You should have seen the elaborate displays adults made.  Pirates and vikings and cityscapes and aliens invasions and who knows what else.  I'd better be careful, because that's going to be Adam in a few years, and his wife won't be pleased if I don't curtail it NOW!  HA!

Anyhoo, after the session ended, we went downtown to the Kringle Market and purchased a struedel (yum) and a couple of handmade ornaments, then to the skating rink to wait in line for a free carriage ride.

And we waited and waited.  For almost an hour and a half.

And finally got on our ride.  Which took 10 minutes.


(I thought the reflection of the skaters looked cool.)

Sorry for the loooong post.

It was a looooong day!

And now we get to go back to stepping on LEGO at home.  :)



Chris O said...

Let me be the first to comment! Please? I love this!! Great pics. Lots of great energy. Would love to know how long it took to build Lightning (the car?) and how many pieces it took. That guy you posed with? What a block head! Heh! Heh! Meh!!!! :))

Anonymous said...

What wonderful environment you live in. Think, that it is indeed great for young life to find such abilities, as it is all about creating. He might even become an Engineer or Architect. Certainly great memories for a life time.
Please have you all a wonderful time.

Sundance said...

Hi, honey. You are now the recipient of the Liebster Blog Award, which I'm passing on from Wanted: BRAINS! Enjoy!