Friday, September 14, 2012

Faces: Bonus

When I started this project, the first faces were from the fire department.  Julia said, "Mommy, you need to do the police, too."  I thought it would be fun to come full circle, since the police department and the fire department are in the same building.

Chief Havas wasn't toooooo thrilled about getting his photo taken, and I caught him at a bad time, but he obliged for a very, very quick image.


And with this image, my 30 faces in 30 days project is complete.  Whew!  

What I learned:

  • People are generally friendly and accommodating.
  • Going up to complete strangers is HARD, but the interesting people you meet are worth it.
  • Doing a project like this is a good way to get over shyness with strangers.  Oh yes it is!
  • It would be better to do this in the summer time when there are plenty of events going on where people gather.  There aren't a lot of places here for that once summer is over, which I found challenging (and why I got to the last day behind).
  • When an opportunity presents itself, don't hesitate.  Take it!  I don't know how many times I saw someone that had a unique look or something, but by the time I hemmed and hawed about it, the moment had passed and the opportunity lost.
  • Bring your camera everywhere.  Today I saw a guy walking his dog.  A handsome, older gentleman smoking a pipe.  You don't see that very much these days!  But I was rushing to the school to bring something in, and left my camera at home.  Interesting face and photo op gone buh-bye.
  • Rain stinks.
And with that, I bid the Community Portrait Project adieu.  I hope everyone enjoyed this journey as much--or more!!--than I did.  If you're thinking about doing something like this, dive in!  It's hard, I won't deny, but you will see definite improvement in your confidence and people skills, so it's well worth the shaky knees and butterfly stomach!


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations upon this achievement !

Impressive pictures. Still a bit difficult to say, which's best. Thank you much for the many inspirations. Please have you all a good weekend.

Chris O said...

Let's see -- here's what keeps me stuck from your list of what you learned: Going up to complete strangers is HARD, a project like this helps you to get over shyness with strangers, and when an opportunity presents itself, don't hesitate (don't know how many I let slip through my fingers because of shyness!). My camera is my ever faithful sidekick. I've enjoyed this project with you. You take great portraits.

SE'LAH... said...

great post! loving your photography these days. xoxox