Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Brought Belle over to a friend's to play with their new 4-month-old doberman puppy. He's such a sweet dog--but already outweighs our Belle and is the same height!  When he grows into those paws, he's going to be hugeamongous!  But such a pleasant little..er..big?..guy.

Took a couple of pictures of him while there, just cos!

Look at those ears!  Kind of reminds me of a batman costume.  HA!

This photo followed by a nose print on my lens.  Which happened more than once, for the record.

My Belle tired him right out, so into his chair he went...

(Look at those paws!  When he catches up with them, wow.  Huge.)

And crashed. 


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Chris O said...

You even get dogs to sit still long enough for you to snap a photo! A high school friend of mine has a pit bull. This is no ordinary pit bull. The only thing dangerous about him is his name -- Diesel. But Diesel is a lover through and through. Anyone comes to the door he runs and hides, while barking to show he's a tough guy. Yeah right. Once you give him a dog biscuit he's your friend for life. Sit on the couch he's right there along side nudging his head under your arm to either pet him (once you start, do not stop) or just have your arm around his shoulders.