Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goin' underground.

Last weekend of the summer, we took a day trip to Laurel Caverns. 

How cool is this???

And how I thanked my lucky stars more than once for a camera whose ISO could be ramped up, coupled with Lightroom to edit

Being in a cave 7-14 stories underground without a tripod doesn't make for good lighting conditions!  And I didn't use a flash on any of these.  Oooh yeah!

See the horizontal line on the left hand side?

That's a fault line.  Freaky--but cool.

You wanna go now, don'tcha?  Don'tcha?

Laurel Caverns.  Highly recommended! 

1 comment:

Chris O said...

Love the photos of your basement Lynn! The chandeliers are a nice touch. What class!!!!