Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A couple of photos of the kids from Friday.  I was a bad mommy and didn't take any last night.  Too much going on!  But the Halloween parade at school was adorable.

Here are my kiddos:

After the parade, it was off to partay.

Erm...let's try that again. 


That's more like it.  :o)

Each year the kids draw on the pumpkins and I cut them out.

They both chose to do their interpretation of Belle.

Can't you see the resemblance?


Chris O said...

Ah Halloween, love the shots of the kiddos but especially the one of Adam waving. What a cute kid he is. Julia is no slouch in the costume dept. either! Somehow though I can't picture her as a witch. She looks too innocent. I can't tell you the last time we had a trick or treater knock on our door. Might be because we turn off all the lights and sit in the dark! No, not really! We just don't have any little or young ones in the neighborhood any more. Good because if the candy were in the house . . . well you know what would happen.

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