Sunday, March 4, 2012


Although I've done umpteen hands in the last week, this is the last one I'll post here--I promise!  

But I like it.  So I'm going to share it.  So there!

One of just a couple that I kept in color.  The contrast looks so much better this way, I think.

Nighters.  I actually went down for a nap at 5, if you can believe it,  leaving hubby to take care of dinner.  I've got a good one, because he was sweet enough to do without hesitation (oh yeah!).  Woke up at midnight--but I'm still ready to go back to sleep, so I'm going to toddle off now.  *yawners*

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...


please have you all a good tuesday.

Chris O said...

I love looking at people's hands. Hands tell so much about a person. I need to start taking pics of hands myself. I wonder though if they'll be as beautiful as yours.