Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's done!

The video of the photos of hands that I've been taking over the last couple of weeks is done, and the ladies viewed the video on Tuesday night.  It was fun for me to see it up on a large screen--but I think I'm done with it for awhile.  After listening the song over and over and over while working on it, I've been seeing hands and humming the tune in my dreams!  Faith W sang it on Tuesday and did an amazing job.  I wish we had a recording of HER singing it on the video!  Thanks to Bonnie C for making everything look so pretty on Tuesday as well.  You have such an eye for making things lovely.

When I was working on the piece, there was a painting that I wanted to use at the end.  Since I wanted to credit the artist, I had to do some digging around to find out who it was.  The painting was posted on plenty of blogs without his name attached.  Finally I found out who it was, but the painting was copyrighted.  The artist's website advised to write for permission and that a fee would be assessed for its use.  Makes sense.  Of course, I didn't have dollars for any fee, but I didn't feel right about using the painting without permission, either, and I searched for hours and couldn't find anything else suitable for that spot.  So I thought, "What the heck."  Sent the artist an email explaining what I was doing and that I'd like to use a detail from his work.  He graciously gave permission, wished me luck on the video, and thanked me for asking him before copying it. He even said that if I wanted a higher resolution file to let him know!  How generous is THAT?!  I didn't want to bother him with the file, since he'd been so kind anyway, so what you see on the video is a copy from his website.  So, lesson here folks--don't steal copyrighted works from the internet (photos, paintings, words...anything!).  Chances are, the author of the work will be happy to allow its use.  You just need to ask first!  

Thank you, Stephen Gjertson, for your generosity in allowing your work to be shown on my little video.  

Here it is.  And I'm not taking hands photos for a loooong time!  LOL  If any of the ladies would like prints of  your hands, please let me know.


sarahandmatt said...

So beautiful, Lynn. I cried.

Lynn said...

Did you recognize any of the hands, Sarah?