Monday, April 16, 2012

Backing up a bit.

I'm a bit behind!  Here's what I made for supper on April Fool's day.

Mmmnn!  Chocolate strawberry pie!

The kids so so excited to have dessert for dinner.

And then realized it was shepherd's pie, with a bit of chocolate and molasses in the meat to make it chocolatey and food coloring in the milk before adding to the spuds.


But one kiddle doesn't like potatoes much and the other isn't keen on ground beef, and both ate without a word of complaint.  Win!

Then I short sheeted their beds and felt more than well with the world.


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Chris said...

Short sheeted the bed? That's hysterical. Reminded me of the time my cousin and uncle short-sheeted my bed. I was living with them while going to grad school and one night they decided to not only short-sheet my bed but coiled a long, very authentic looking rubber snake under my pillow. But I got even with my uncle at least. Although I have to admit it was my cousins and I who got even with my uncle. It took him a week to figure out why his electric blanket wasn't working properly! Paybacks are hell and every dog has their day! HA!