Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Table

It's pretty sad that the only photos I have of Easter this year are of the table. None of the walk the kids took with Grandma to find things that represent the Easter story.  None of our friends who were with us.

Just these three of the table.

*face palm*

Yup.  We can all thank Pinterest for our Easter table.

Easter silhouettes:  Beth at Hungry Happenings
Basket printable:  Melissa at "I Still Love You."
Tinted devilled eggs:  Laura at "Real Mom's Kitchen."

**Edit:  A friend of mine, who knows my wacky sense of humor, thought I was joking and that I hadn't actually made these things, just got the ideas from Pinterest and posted them here as a giggle.  But no.  Although I appreciate that as being a funny idea, and may have to use it in the future, I DID actually make these things.  This WAS our Easter table.  And I'm quite willing to crow and gain whatever temporary glory I can for it!  I just thought I should share the glory with the ladies who came up with the ideas in the first place and posted such easy to follow tutorials that these things worked out as they were supposed to.  Alas, I'm not much of an innovator or designer or imaginative figure-er outer.  What I AM, though, is an implementor.  Of other folks' brilliant ideas.  Without them, I am nothing.


Chris O said...

Boy it's a good think I didn't comment prematurely and commented about your lovely table wondering how you had the time to do all this with two chillins, hubby and a guests. I'm impressed and then i got to the bottom -- HA! It's still lovely nonetheless. The photos, by the way, were beautiful. I want to go to these bloggers homes next year for Easter!!!

Lynn said...

Um...this WAS our Easter table. I did these things--but the bloggers listed at the bottom were where the ideas and tutorials came from. :)