Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 51: Cute nails!

J has been begging: "PuhLEASE mummy--paint my nails!" 
So we did.

I was asked to post the instructions for how I did the water droplet last summer.  First, I read the camera's manual, and learned that to freeze action, you have to increase the shutter speed.  If you have a camera that has a shutter priority mode, set the speed and the camera will do the rest.  If not, just go manual, set for a fast shutter speed, make sure everything else is in line for proper exposure, and go for it.  When I first tried to catch the drop, I kept missing it.  Then I remembered reading something in the manual about being able to set the camera for 10 frames a second. That enabled me to get a couple good pictures out won't tell you how many! 

I've been taking a few photography classes lately, which have helped a lot.  If you're interested in becoming a better photographer, take a class or two.  It'll help get you on your way and give you a good solid base from which to jump off and experiment on your own.  Also--read your camera's manual. Then reread it with your camera in your hand! That's all I had when I learned how to freeze water.  A paragraph in the manual and the decision to kick fear out on its ear.

Really guys, when I see the amazing amateur photography posted on blogs that I visit, I'm blown away.  I have so much more to learn--I'm still a photography baby--so I really appreciate everyone's kind and supportive words.   :o)

For some neat photos using the technique mentioned above, check out some of the shots at this post.  Great photos of boys in the mud!


Jen said...

Aaaw...I remember when my daughter and I used to give ourselves pedicures...that is so sweet.

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

We are all "babies" in our jobs ;) and I hope to keep a part of the child I was all my life ;)
Nice pics (and idea)

When Pigs Fly said...

Thanks for the advice. Please keep giving it! I sit down with my camera and the manual and still have a tough time.