Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 53: Brenda's Challenge. Halloween

Argh.  Not the best photo, but this is all I've got today.  The kids (including me!) each get a pumpkin.  They draw on it, and I carve it out.  Kind of interesting designs when kids are still at the scribble stage, as is the one on the bottome left.  The hubby was off getting KFC.  Carving and KFC, our night before Halloween tradition.  There's nothing to see here...move along now...there you go!  Better luck tomorrow, I hope!


Donna said...

Well, It's Wonderful! Thanks SO much for playing along!! People always check back for late commers...They'll love it!!
Happy Halloween to you and your's!

SquirrelQueen said...

The pumpkins are great, sometimes those scribbles can be the most fun.

I love your use of the Twitter line.

Through Squirrel Eyes

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Wowo ! Une belle photo pour Halloween !

Kathryn said...

OMG.....I love these! The kids must be so proud of their pumpkins! What a good mom you are!

Allegria said...

Thanks everyone!
Donna: I didn't realize I was late--but should have known. I'm always running right to deadline. LOL.

SquirrelQueen: Twitter line? LOL. I'm so behind the times. Haven't touched Twitter yet, so have no idea what a Twitter line is! I wish I could claim that I was clever on purpose, but I'm afraid that if I was, it was completely accidental. :oD

Otli: Merci! (And that's about the extent of my written French after next to no sleep last night.) Don't worry--I can read it way better than I can write it or speak it---and now I have you to get me in shape! :oD

Kathryn: Stop it! (While making the universal "give me more" hand signal.) You're too kind, really. I do it just as much for me as for them. Halloween is great because you don't have massive preparation (unless you want it), there's no entertaining and guests involved (so no extra housework, meal prep,and all that stuff), and there's free candy. How much better could it be? There's nothing else to do but what you want to make things fun. Love those kinds of celebrations. :oD