Tuesday, March 1, 2011

birthday cake and the aftermath

Quick (belated) birthday post.

Kids picked a cake mix.  Funfetti.  Julia made the cake.  They both frosted it with two cans of frosting and a veritable blizzard of sparkles and sprinkles.

It was death defying.

Afterwards, I felt like doing this:

But with two little ones hyped up on sugar, it didn't seem prudent.

So now I'm off for some much needed rest.

Good night!!!


Anonymous said...

Many Happy Birthday wishes from Athens, Greece.

Wonderful impressions of how life should be. Please have you all a good Thursday.

Chris said...

Cake is gorgeous! Dog's a hoot! I don't know whose birthday it was but Happy Belated B'Day to them or is it you? As always, beautiful photos.