Monday, March 21, 2011

A moment of excitement

I was upstairs yesterday when I heard a police car "whoot whoot" and then the sound of a cop speaking through a megaphone.  I went downstairs and checked up and down the street.  All appeared well.  Went back upstairs and looked out the bedroom window and saw, quite a distance down, what looked like a guy in full camo holding a shotgun (away from the house, to my relief)

Do you see what I saw?  To the right, underneath lower wire, by the conifer tree?  Believe me, it looks in real life exactly like I told you!   

I reached for hubs' field glasses, which happened to be right there on the dresser.

And realized that the perp in the big crime drama was this:

And that the neighbours had the television on.

I really REALLY need to get out more!


Anonymous said...


First I thought you might have visited the city over here ;) and yes, the sense of sight surel is of great wonder. please have you all a good wednesday.

daily athens

Charlotte said...

That is hilarious!

Funny how our minds can trick us like that.