Wednesday, June 1, 2011

backblog #1

Yes, I'll chain myself to a post to be flogged.  I've been lazy about getting the photos from the camera to the computer.  It's just that there are so many other things to do!

So I'll go backwards, here, and start with Memorial Day!  Last year I took a bunch of photos from the ceremony, which is pretty much the same every year, so this year I didn't take the photos of the tombstones, the marines, and the veteran playing taps.  Like every year, the ceremony was touching.  I especially enjoyed the speech this year.  If you'd like to see my photos from last year, you can go here.  Memorial Day is probably the weekend that I enjoy the most during the year.

This year was great fun because Julia learned how to ride her bike (finally!), so we all went in the parade!  Adam, unfortunately, cracked his collar bone last week so couldn't ride his trike as planned, but some friends loaned us their wagon, which we decorated, and away we went! 

Adam won the contest for his age group.  Not sure whether it was the sympathy factor, since his arm is in a sling, successfully bribery attempt from throwing candy to the judges, or simply that he was paired with the cutest dog ever.  Either way--he won a savings bond.  And a beeeeautiful ribbon!

Here's Julia, all ready to go.  Her helmet keeps falling to the back of her head, no matter how tight we do up the straps.  It's a job to figure out by the next outing.

All ready to go!

Down at the cemetery, Beautiful Belle lying in the shade.

Headed home...and straight into the grass!  There's definitely a lesson in life to be learned by the fact that what we focus on becomes where we end up.  Julia is so worried all the time about riding off the road that she focuses on the grass...and that's where she ends up!

Until next year!

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Chris said...

Love the photos! The dog, Adam and Julia!! All so very precious. Thanks for sharing!!