Monday, June 13, 2011


So.  I've had this ready to  post for awhile, but you will see that things have been rather...hectic.

The other day I was all set to paint the porch railing.  I thought.

I had the paint on the deck, and then realized that I needed to fill the cracks first.  So I went downstairs to get the wood filler.

Let me set the stage. 

I had moved an 8 foot ladder onto the porch after using it to put up a curtain rod (another loooong story, but finally it's up there).  It was leaning against two chairs awaiting my taking it to the garage.

While I was inside getting the wood filler, Adam decided it would be cool to balance the paint can on the edge of the ladder.

I came out and decided to move the ladder before I did anything else.  Not realizing the paint can was balanced on the other end, I grabbed one end and heard a crash.

You guessed it.  A whole gallon of white paint all over our NOT white porch. 

After I finished shrieking, I told Adam to stay put and to please, on pain of death, DO NOT let Belle off her tether.  I ran inside and grabbed a painbrush and on impulse a couple of paper plates and managed to scootch the paint onto the plate and into the can, rescuing pretty much the whole shebang.  But that still left a big, lovely, white painted area in the middle of the porch.  So I raced inside for some water and rags.  As I came down the stairs, here comes Adam into the house with Belle. 

"I led her around the paint, mommy."

Horrified pause.

"She didn't get any paint on her feet, did she?"

"A little bit, mommy."

Luckily it didn't get into the house...just in the covered area, which I just removed the carpeting in.  So now it has a couple of lovely prints as well.  But at least it didn't get on any carpet. 

And I have a good story to tell him when he gets older!

Other recent "kid incidents:".

Poured half a jug of plant food all over a side flower bed.

Trimmed the bushes in the front down to twigs.

Named all the worms we've dug up whilst expanding the garden.

Fooled around on the edge of bed and broke a collar bone.

Someone decided to poke holes around the edge of the milk jug, and I didn't notice and...yes...poured.

I'm sure if I thought hard enough I'd come up with more.

My brain is blocking my memories.  It's a protective mechanism. 


Lucia said...

I can relate! I walked passed the toilet seat into the shower but my knee hit the toilet seat and knocked it off...I need a new toilet seat that will stay on now. Second, I went into the garage rafters to take down a table (very heavy and large) at to avoid it falling on my head leapt off the ladder as it slid down and crashed on the ladder leaving a bent up ladder worth nothing. Table's okay. Third my blowdryer broke! That's the worst thing ever!!!

Climb2Nowhere said...

LOL! When one thing goes wrong it just keeps rolling. I think those paw prints are the cutest thing ever!!!!
Fun post! Hang in there!