Thursday, June 30, 2011

An idyllic day

Berry picking last week.  We had a special visitor in the parking lot.  He was a beautiful boy, very interested in what we were up to as we got out of the car and said hello.  His family were picking berries too.  We felt like time had stopped.  Between the beautiful setting of rolling Pennsylvania hills and farms, the Amish horse and buggy nearby, and the lovely people we were picking near, it was a peaceful and cheerful morning.

Part of our loot.  The one Adam is holding is a berry that looks like a turtle.  It does!

Of course, as perfect as the morning was, it left me with 20 pounds of strawberries to deal with. 

We won't mention how late I was up hulling them, OK?  But now we have a bunch of berries in the freezer. 

Smoothies here we come!


sarahandmatt said...

I want to go berry picking. Where did you go?

Lynn said...

We go to Pollock's berries. They may be done, so be sure to give them a call before you go out there. :o) How is the new place, btw?