Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pretty plucked posie

He KNOWS he's not supposed to pick certain flowers in the garden. 

He KNOWS we've planted some cutting flowers that he can have free reign over when the bloom.

But this one, lonely clematis blossom was just too much to resist.

I'm afraid I wasn't a very understanding mother at first.

"BUDDY!  You're not supposed to PICK that!." 

Then tears.

Then I realized he wanted me to have it, because it was so beautiful.

And I felt like a troll.  Tried to mend the situation with hugs and "Gosh, it's lovely, isn't it?"

So I took a photo so we'd be able to enjoy it, even after it wilts.

BUT, he has been warned once again that when the next three little buds open the flowers are to be left alone to enjoy when we go out into the garden.

Someone should take bets on what happens. 


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