Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 54

Wasn't sure what to post today.  Forgot to bring my camera when we left this morning, so just took a quick snap of this for the photohunt challenge when I got home (I've posted the photohunt on a separate photohunt blog, since there are so many.  If you really want to see the rest, many of which have already been posted here already, they're at 

It was a beautiful day today, and since it was so cold yesterday that the kids had to bundle up under their costumes, we were going to all dress up and take a picture to post for Mom today.  But then A fell asleep and didn't wake up until it was dark, thanks to the time change, so we'll have to do that another day.  In the meantime, this silly photo of nothing in particular will have to do for today.

And since I was up pretty much all night, I'm going to BED!  Night all--see you tomorrow.


Donna said...

I love your photos! Nice!

Kristi said...

Hey Lynn,
I would love a list of different photography challenegs so that I can link to them all on the Photo Hunt Challenges blog. Whenever you can get to it, I would be much appreciative :)