Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A blog post about nothing

Realized I hadn't posted in a bit.  So...

Here's a photo of the dog chasing her tail.

Other than that, I've got nuttin'.  Nuttin' at all.  Oh.  News.

Lost my engagement ring.  Not only an engagement ring, but my great-grandmother's diamond in the setting.  I've been checking dog poop, but I'm suspecting Adam had it. He admitted to it, actually, but he also admitted to putting it on the roof, behind the radiator, and in assorted other impossible places.  The good news is the house is getting cleaner than it has in months upstairs.  The bad news is that I still haven't found it.  So if you have the time for a prayer, please maybe add a bit of help to find the ring?  Thanks.

Still dealing with TriCare insurance.  It's getting old.  After being told today that they still hadn't received my application, when I had emails to prove it, including their replies, I finally forwarded everything over to them again, at which point I was told I needed to re-date everything.  So I did.  A checkup would be nice.  Not having to pay $65 whenever my kid has to go see the doctor would be even nicer.

We made a snowman down at the bottom of "our" sledding hill yesterday, Adam and I.  He's quite stylin' in his bark buttons.  Did I take a photo?  Nope.  Still no point-and-shoot, and hauling the DSLR and the toboggans and the dog was just a bit much.  Camera stayed home.

I like chocolate chip pancakes.  Don't you?

Corner View today is favorite artist.  I don't know that I have one.  But I heard John Rutter's Suite Antique on the radio yesterday, and loved it.  I think it bears finding and loading onto ipod.  Beautiful.

Here's the Prelude:

I've been trying to think of a piece of his, which I had on cassette an age ago...OH!  I just remembered!  The Banquet Fugue.  I did it with my choir years ago.  Here's a recording of it, audio only.  Not the one that I have on cassette--can't find that one anywhere!  But you get the idea:

Not sure if I can say that Rutter is my favorite artist, but I like some of his stuff, and it has been on my mind.  So there.

I know it's past Christmas, but here's my favorite Christmas Choral piece.  John Rutter.  Some day I want to direct a choir that can sing this.  The sopranos need to be stratospheric, though.

OK. I'm done. Have a good day!


Arizona Manwarings said...

You and my Megan are going to be best buds. Her most favorite breakfast is choc. chip pancakes. She asks for them every morning.

Charlotte said...

Ahhh! I hope you find your ring. Good luck looking.