Thursday, January 13, 2011

Corner View: Snow

Corner View yesterday was snow, and although I took this photo, I didn't take the time to post it.

I'm too nervous about taking my good camera out into the snow, and I think my point and shoot is being held hostage!  LOL  I think it's waiting for a treat before coming home. I being paranoid about taking the camera in the snow?  I'm still waiting for the camera rain cover to make its way here.  Might need a certain someone?  Or else just bite the bullet and buy one.

Anyway, we have been hit by the big storm on the east coast.  The snow is the beautiful, fluffy kind.  Makes big piles in a short time!  Julia said it looked like someone is breaking apart tissue paper.  Maybe someone up above forgot to take a piece out of their pocket before doing the laundry?

Anyway, these photos don't do it justice, since I'm such a chicken.  But here are a couple shot from inside or under cover.

I don't remember ever having this many snow days in one season.  The kids are playing dress up today, and the dog has come downstairs in a scarf, then a tutu, and now is proudly sporting cat ears.  She's just HAS to be confident in her doghood to pull that off!

So between the catdog, the bumblebee with one sock on , and the shnazzy witch-lady with gold heels, purse, and styling scarf (both of which I don't have photos of...sorry), it's a bit of an adventure in our house on this snow day!

I think we'll go sledding today, if the snow slows down a bit.  I want to bring my camera. WAH!

In other news.  I've been shovelling the walk about three times a day, the third time being late at night when I bring Belle out, so there won't be quite so much to do in the morning.  The snow has been kind of fun to shovel, since it is so fluffy.  Kind of like shovelling cotton.  This morning I woke up and went out to shovel to find that our fairly new neighbors (they just moved in this past Spring) had done my walk for me!  I had to look twice in case I was dreaming!  So, feeling grateful but also somewhat gyped (HA!) I went and shovelled a path around the house and to the bird feeders. And it was DEEEEEEP!  I should have told someone what I was doing, so that if I didn't come back they could put a flask on the dog and send out a rescue party.

OK.  Off to bake or something equally worthy of a snow day!

(Just don't tell my waistline what I'm doing, OK?  Thanks.)


Anonymous said...

December 2006 that last I saw snow with me own eyes. Unique pictures indeed. Thank you for the memories. Please have you all a wonderful Friday.

daily athens

kathryn said...

Oh! Loving those ears on poochie-puppy. She's totally pulling off that look!

We had the same kind of snow...too much of it for my taste, but very fluffy and easy on the back.

So nice that your neighbors did the walk for you. Hey, don't knock it...the next snow might not be so user-friendly!