Thursday, January 6, 2011

Join the Klub Club

In our family, there's a tradition of making Norwegian Klub on some special---and not so special---occasions. It has become somewhat of a joke, because we appear to be the only ones that like this stuff! So, documenting for posterity and anyone else brave (or foolish) enough to try it out.

Ready?  So clear a good portion of counter space, roll up your sleeves, and let's get going!

Put your biggest pot of water on to boil. Put some salt in it. Then add some cutlery. I love this part! Grandma Helen used to do this, insisting that it keeps the dumpling dealies from sticking to the bottom. I just like cooking cutlery. 

It doesn't burn. 

Cut up a block of salt pork into smallish pieces and put them in a small pot of water to boil.

Peel a wack load of potatoes.

Amazing how figuring out how to adjust the focal points actually makes an in focus photo.  Duh.

Throw them in a food processor and process until they're somewhat smoothish. They'll almost immediately turn a lovely pink. Isn't this appetizing?

Then add some salt and enough flour to make a dough. My great-aunt Florence said that you should only add enough flour to make it hold together, which is somewhat true, but don't be too stingy with it, or everything will fall apart when you put it in the water later.

Put some flour on the counter and put a spoonful of the batter in the flour. Add more flour and smoosh it around in your hands to make a dumpling type thing, adding flour until it feels right.

Don't ask me what that means. For me, it's a gamble every time.  For the record, this batch tasted a bit floury, because I didn't mix the flour in enough at this stage.

This is what your hands will look like. Kind of like play dough for grown ups!

Or not.

Flatten it a bit in your hand and add a couple pieces of the salt pork. By the way, when you're ready for the salt pork part, drain the salt pork out of the pot, pouring the water into the larger pot.

Waste not, want not.

Put the dumpling in a slotted spoon and gently put it in the water, holding it gently in the water for a few seconds to get it used to the idea. Then allow it to fall off the spoon into its relaxing spa.

Boil the heck out of it. 45 minutes or so?

Then you have these.

Aren't they tasty looking?

White balance all thrown off here, but I'm not feeling like bringing everything into editing. 

So there.

True, stout hearted, Norwegians eat the stuff with butter, salt and pepper and maybe some mustard, if they're feeling particularly hoity-hoity.

Those with a less advanced palate plop sour cream and bacon bits on top, as my kids do.

For the first time, Julia ate all of hers--although giving this face first.

Adam wouldn't touch his.

The joke is that any potential family members have to pass the klub test before acceptance into the family, so just before I made these, I phoned Mom and asked her how Vic enjoyed klub during the holidays.

He didn't, although he probably was pretty good natured about it all.

I don't know how mom will live this down, but I suppose we'll forgive her--and Vic! The question is whether Vic will forgive us for foisting such a thing on him! :oD


Dar said...

Well, I was an instant convert when I first tasted it. And for me, it mustard all the way.

Anonymous said...

love that expression on her face!!!

Sandra said...

Sounds yummy, Lynn! We especially like the leftovers fried in butter for breakfast the next day! I will try the food processor for chopping the potatoes next time... I usually grate them. My Mom used to put them through a meat grinder which would be more the consistency of yours, I suspect....

Lynn said...

Darren: That's why we all love you, of course!

Kamana: Isn't it, though? Cracks me up, she does.

Sandra: Grandma and Mom used to do it with the grinder, too. I don't have the patience for grating them. And they're palatable to pretty much everyone fried up the next day! That's what I had for breakfast this morning. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Ha, what a joy to for the senses. Never heard of it before. Thank you for introducing.

Please have you all a good start of the weekend.

daily athens

Climb2Nowhere said...

Those look good to me. I wonder if my utensils will melt. LOL. This post make me want to eat cake! LOL!

elizabeth said...

That expression! Hehehe. Ok, it is true that they don't look like the most tasty things ever, but I suspect I would like them. :)

Chris said...

Never heard of Klub but wouldn't mind taking a shot at tasting it. Your photo makes me want to reach in and help myself to the plate, thanks for the fork as I don't have one nearby! Only I think I'd be in the "hoity toity" group as I'd add some Grey Poupon but NOT the stuff in the squeeze bottle! I'm sorry GP in a squeeze bottle? This just boggles the mind, doesn't it?