Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Construction Zone

So, we (read, I) decided that the kids had outgrown their megablocks.  They had outgrown them, and they only made towers with them anyway.  I thought that maybe their imaginations would be stimulated a bit more with something a bit more flexible.  Fortuitously, a friend of mine (Thanks Michelle!) was also going through her kids' things before Christmas and offered their duplo table.  "YAY!"  I thought, "Maybe they'll build...a house or something!"

Guess what has been under construction:

But they were having so much fun and were so proud of their tower that I was able to take this:


Home Again said...

What else CAN be done with Duplo and Megablocks? Towers are pretty much it. Lego on the other hand with its whirly gig spinning, hinged parts is where it's at. Michael started with a basic builders kit and the little project kits (probably around 25 or 30 pieces each) when he was about 5 I think and the towers disappeared.

That IS a magnificent piece or work as far as towers go. Nicely tapered, unbalanced pieces at the top. Well done!

Anonymous said...

With the sky as limit.

Over here, the kid is still playing with his building bricks, discovering painting lately as well. Starting with first letters as well ... ah, life.

Please have you all a good Thursday.

daily athens