Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 153: Vegemite sandwich, anyone?"

earworm [ˈɪəˌwɜːm]:  n.  •A song or song fragment that gets stuck in your head. It's the literal English translation for a term used in Germany to describe this phenomenon. c.f.: "earhead" derivative of airhead; refers to a borderline neurotic who is more than usually susceptible to earworms.  (courtesy of the Online Slang Ddictionary)

Do you see it?  It's not being very inconspicuous about it, is it? (BTW, do you know how hard it is to take a photo of your own ear?  Try it sometime.)

Thanks to a post from a friend on Facebook OVER A WEEK AGO, guess who is going absolutely MAD?

Yes.  That would be me.  Thanks very much, Russ. 

It seemed like an innocent little post.  A music video from a group involved in a copyright case.  OK, sure.  It was a very well known group and the song is well known.  But maaaan!  A WEEK later?  Other than about half an hour where I had "Me and My Shadow" doing a jig, this song has taken up permanent residence.

I know.  I'm evil.  But I soooo needed the company...

Oh!  And I just remembered that it's Corner View day.  How could I forget?  Duh.  Anyhoo, the theme today was something repurposed.

Can you figure out what is repurposed in this photo?  Courtesy of my husband's hobby.  :o)

Can you guess?

The paint sticks.  Used as a base for painting his miniatures.  Gotta love that we had SOMETHING repurposed in the house! Thanks hon.  You saved the day!

(The choices were either the paint sticks, a plant pot filled with odds and ends, or the Fisher Price Little People dump truck, which happened to be used as a Princess. It had play jewelery all over it and a bit of lace tied on it's wheels.  It was being repurposed with aplomb.)

For more, probably practical, repurposed items, check out Jane's place at Spain Daily.


jane said...


Anonymous said...

Agree with you about those earworms totally ! Mostly it is a song of my 29 months old sons favourite CD and it sticks even through the night - after waking up, however feel good, as if this kind of music and its reason seem to be able to do good.
A wonderful Friday for you all.

Kim Living Life said...

Ok so I was excited I thought I had actually found someone outside of Australia who likes vegemite, but not to be, it's a very old but typical of the time video funny.

Allegria said...

Jane: haha!

Kim: You can buy the stuff in Canada in the ethnic foods aisle at SuperStore. Seriously. And TimTams, too! Vegemite, however, isn't something I could ever develop a taste for. All the power to you, Aussies!

Allegria said...

Oh! And Kim, the funny thing about this video is I remember when it came out. LOL I was in high school, I think, or just out. Makes me feel so old, now!

Kathryn said...

Love the paint sticks! good use of 'em!

Oh, God....I'm going to HATE you in a day or two...of that SONG....bouncing around in my head...

Where's my iPod??

Allegria said...

Robert, it seems like kids' songs can be the worst. Too dang catchy!

Kathryn: Mwahahaha!!!