Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 160: Yet more snow.

Maybe I'll just move out here:

It's cozy and snug and there are NO leaks!!

In a snow house, what would be more apropos than snow ice cream?

Mix together 1 cup of sugar, a scant 2 cups of milk, and about 2 tsp or so of vanilla (the recipe called for 1 TBSP, but that's a bit too vanilla-y). 

Add enough fresh, clean snow to make the correct consistency. 
Hint:  Avoid yellow snow.


Paula Dean has another snow ice cream recipe here.  It involves sweetened condensed milk, so you know it's going to be good!


Anonymous said...

What memories you bring back! I loved building snow forts and making snowcream when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

You may only imagine how much I'd like to be there...! What a joy it must be to spend childhood with such memories.
Please have a wonderful start into the weekend.

Allegria said...

Suzicate: I had never made snow ice cream before, although we did flavor it with maple syrup as a kid, making maple syrup candy. I kind of liked it. Especially with caramel sauce on top. Mmmmnnn!

Robert: Well, you will just have to come out some time in the middle of winter and we'll have a snowball fight with the kids. This winter has been exceptionally snowy for around here, though, so there are no guarantees that it will be the same next year. Meawhile, enjoy the warmth of lovely Greece!