Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 170: Thanks, curling team.

I mean, really Kevin Martin, it was such a fine gesture to win the gold medal in men's curling for me.  I do so appreciate it.  And Norway?  I love you.  I love The Pants.  You really didn't have to dress up for my birthday, but it added such flare to the celebration.  You.  Rock.  *brushes away a tear*

I'll save a piece of ice-cream cake for all of you guys.  You deserve it, after playing such an awesome game.

Miss J  put the candles on.  She rummaged around in the drawer, trying to find one for each of the little icing blobs.  Then she said, "We're gonna need another pack of candles, Dad," to which he replied, " I don't think the fire marshall will allow that many candles on the cake."

Thank you so much.

Note the candle put in upside down.

Also, I am pleased to report that I blew all of them out in one go.

But I completely forgot to make a wish first.  Oops.


Ocean Girl said...

Ooops no :)

Happy Birthday Allegria.

Anonymous said...
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Shawna said...

Happy Birthday, Lynn! I'm so happy the curling team could accommodate! If only the hockey team can do the same for my son's birthday today!

Anonymous said...

Have to admit that I do enjoy seeing curling very much, even though many can't understand.

A very Happy Birthday for you and a wonderful start into the new year, season, month and week as well.