Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 156 take 2.

There was something goofy earlier when I tried to post, and I couldn't get to this page.  How odd.  But anyway, here we are.  With yet another shot of...wait for it...


The flakes were as big as goose down.  It was like there was a pillow fight on Mount Olympus and the pillows burst.  They were coming down so fast,  and it was starting to get dark, so all you can see is the sheet of motion.  I would have so liked to be able to capture how huge each flake was, but for proper exposure, everything had to be set a bit too slow.  The picture looks like sleet, but it didn't actually look like that.  So this is an example of a photo that DIDN'T work out, and I'm a bit bummed out by it.

Just listened to the forecast.  More snow tonight, more tomorrow, more Monday.

I wish we could send some of this to Vancouver.  We have plenty to spare!

So, to make myself feel a bit better, here's a quick photo of daughter's sewing kit.  Why?  Because I'm quuickly running out of inspiration without being able to go outside. 

Guess what?  I now have proper workout clothing.  Oh yes.  A nice pair of yoga pants (black, feel soooo good on) and a couple of bright tops, one in salmon and one in grape (for Miss J., who loves purple.) Hit AWESOME sales.  It has been awhile since I've shopped, so I wasn't even aware of them prior to going out.  A happy happenstance.   Worked out for an hour today, and although I'm feeling achey, and will probably not want to get up in the morning, it was a lot of fun.  I'm back on top of the leaderboard in the slalom again, but I'm afraid I got the giggles trying to do that exercise where you make a V.  I am so out of shape that I made it, oh, maybe an inch off the floor.  Ah well--there's nowhere to go but up!


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

These are like abstract paintings ;)

Kristen @ Motherese said...

I love the interplay between your words and the first photo: the pillow fight on Mount Olympus? Love it!

jane said...

love happy happenstances! :) it´s been snowing a lot here too. stay warm!

Anonymous said...

For someone who hasn't seen snow for ages, this is indeed a lovely sight ;) Outside still warmer than the fridge inside.

With regard to access ones blog, once I was able to, however it looked as if all posts were gone, which was even "better" than not being able to enter at all.
A wonderful Tuesday for you.

Allegria said...

Otli: Thanks for finding something positive to say about them. I was less than pleased. Now I feel a bit better!

Kristen: Seriously, that is exactly what it looked like. Huge feathers.

Jane: It's still snowing. I mean, really, I love the snow probably more than most, but it's about time for it to stop now, methinks.

Robert: I'll ship some to you. :oD