Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 164: Crispy and creamy

Again, this should have been posted last night.  Once again, however, I had a child with sleep issues (consisting of falling asleep in the car in the late afternoon, then not wanting to go to sleep at bedtime), which then turned into my falling asleep before he did!

But these photos were taken yesterday.

These ones were taken in the church parking lot.


And these ones were taken when Miss J said, "Mummy!  The snow looks like whipped cream!"


We went for a walk in the afternoon, since it was so warm and everything was melting.  As we walked, we made about half a dozen mini-snowmen on people's stairs, by (and in) their trees by the sidewalk, and by their driveways.  Here are a couple.  Remember that it was pretty muddy, and we had trouble finding things to decorate them with, but we hope as people walked by that they got a bit of a smile from our little people.

And now I'm off to take today's photo.  I know EXACTLY what it's going to be, because something very fun came in the mail today!!  :o)




Julz said...

Your pictures are awesome. Everytime you post a new one I find myself in awe. I love that you guys made mini snowmen. We might copy you for family home evening.

Anonymous said...

I love the mini-snow peoples. They make me happy!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

How cute for people to come out of their houses and see these little creations!
Great ice and snow shots.

sarahandmatt said...

those in the church parking lot turned out great!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful title and discription of life - agree with you totally that it is way too often both.
...sleeping issues, ha, made me smile in the middle of the night, as luckily he still asleep.
A wonderful Wednesday for you all.

Anonymous said...

The first picture is a roof, right? It looks like a bunch of snow dunes....if those exist (I wouldn't know, I'm from California). Or like, mini snowy mountains.

Allegria said...

Julz: Well? Did you? And speaking of great shots, your photo of the fog is gorgeous. I want to learn how to do that. Beautiful.

Unabridged Girl: Great! THAT makes ME happy!

Maureen: I hope someone enjoyed them and didn't curse the fool who made a mess on their front walk. LOL

Sarah: teehee. It's the little things, you know? I think people thought I was nuts, taking pictures of ice.

Robert: Lucky you! Last night my husband went in to A's room to find him asleep on the floor in the middle of the room. *shakes head*

Lee: The ones at the very top are where the snow got kind of crunchy on top, and then it melted away underneath. It looked a bit like lace. Each piece was only about an inch in length.

The ones of the snow are kind of like dunes, aren't they? I hadn't thought of that. There isn't a roof, though. There were some big embankments on the side of the road, and the wind whips through on one particular stretch, making the snow form...well...dunes! And then it melted slightly, so the snow kind of toppled over a bit. Looked kind of cool. Erm. More like cold!

Kathryn said...

Oh! I ADORE your little mini-snowmen! That had never occurred to me to do that...what a wonderful, sweet idea. I'm betting you've made a LOT of people smile!

I love the ice photos...all I kept thinking is that no kid could resist breaking off that piece of ice!