Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Face 24: Alexis

Went into my favorite chocolate store today to see if I could take a photo there.  I need to make a phone call to have permission first.  BUT, Alexis was in the store with her grandmother, and I asked her if she'd like her picture taken.  Who wouldn't jump at the chance to take her photo?  And she's dressed as though it was a planned shoot!

What wasn't planned, though, was trying to find a place to take her picture.  The chocolate store is in a strip mall, so finding a small piece of wall without glass next to it or parking lot behind was a bit of an adventure.  This photo was shot on about 2 feet of wood perpendicular to a glass window, with the parking lot showing on the other side.

I thank my lucky stars every day for the invention of Photoshop!  If I knew who invented it, I'd send them chocolate from O'Shea's!

But without further ado, I bring you Alexis.

For fun, I edited it this way, too.

Which one do you like best?  I think I'm partial to the full colour.   I love the gorgeous tone of the wood against the turquoise of her necklace and cami.


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Anonymous said...

A great portrait ! Like the first one.

Chris O. said...

Actually, I love them both! The camera definitely loves her that's for sure. Another great shot!