Sunday, September 9, 2012

Faces 21: Michael

Yes, I've wanted a picture of a guy with his Harley since starting this project, but I didn't start until after Thunder in the Valley, and whenever I see one I want to shoot, they're on the highway.  Not a good place to have someone pull over.  Today was my lucky day, though, because on the way home from church, I decided to take a turn downtown and see if there was anyone interesting--after all, I'm behind and have to do two people a day to complete my goal of 30 folks in 30 days.  Drove by Michael and went, "Whoa--hang on!  Harley!  Person!  Not going anywhere!"  Whereupon I screeched to a halt.  And Michael was kind enough to agree to an image.  So I took photos while he kept a lookout for cars, since I was right in the middle of Main Street!

Gotta love the leather streamers.  Sorry if streamers isn't the correct term, Michael.  As a non-biker, I'm clueless about what to call them!

Such a nice guy, too.  He told me that biking is the best therapy in the world.  He and his wife travel all over the place.  

My dad had Harleys when he was young, before he got sick.  When we lived in Ferndale, we'd hear the roar of the bikes heading up the highway on both directions during Thunder in the Valley, and I'd call dad and go out on the porch with the phone so he could hear their distinctive sound.  He loved it.  I guess, even though I've only been on a real motorcycle once (the dirt bike that I had no idea how to ride and consequently tore up the Swenson's lawn with doesn't count...) I still have a bit of dad's "Harley gene" that makes me see their appeal.  There's just something about the idea of the wind...the leather...the freedom.  

Don't worry,  my husband.  That's about as far as it goes.  Once I think about the bugs in the mouth and the pouring rain, I'm cured!

Thank you Michael, for allowing me to capture you and your bike.  I hope you like the images!  

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Chris O said...

Uh, that's what a helmet's for -- they keep the bugs off the teeth! Geesh! Anyway, I'm also a Harley lover myself. Hubby had one and I got to ride on the back before he sold it. You're right the wind, the freedom . . . .