Saturday, September 1, 2012

Faces 16: Meet Amanda

Amanda was selling tutus at the Log House Arts Festival.   The fam and I saw her waaaay ahead of us walking away from us, and I thought, "That's really cute!  I wish she was closer so I could take her picture.  Ah well."  And I thought that was that.  Quite awhile later, Julia and I turned a corner--and there she was!  She looked so fun in her tutu that I had to ask her for her picture!  Again, bright sun, so I placed her the only place I could--right inside in her tent.        As much as we love sunshine, taking photos in it isn't particularly fun--unless you're REALLY into weird shadows and bright spots everywhere.

But anyway, enough about that.  Go buy a tutu from Amanda at the Arts Festival.  She also has some other cute crafty things for sale as well.  :)

Thanks, Amanda!  

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