Friday, September 7, 2012

Faces 20: Yup--I'm behind!!

Say hi to Bob.  He built this bicycle about 25 years ago to help deliver papers.  He said the bags that he used to deliver the papers hurt his neck, so he thought, "Hmn, I wonder if I can build a bike that will hold a trailer."  Inspired by chopper motorcycles, he set to work.  He is happy to report that even in heavy rain, he doesn't get his feet wet, because he designed it so the pedals are high off the ground!  When we first drove by, I though he was riding a pennyfarthing bicycle, but nope.  It's an original design!  The trailer behind supports the bike, so he can sit comfortably up there for as long as he wants--the bicycle doesn't tip over.  He likes to bring his bike in parades, and he showed me pictures from the newspaper, including an article about him and his unique cycle.

It was pretty fun talking to Bob.  I'm talking to all kinds of folks I wouldn't otherwise meet, and it has been really fun to see the interesting things that people do.

He even lifted Adam up.  Adam was soooo happy!

And yes, I'm behind.  Lots happening around here that kept me from getting out, and I had a plan for getting a few shots tomorrow--but it's supposed to dump rain.  So.  Plan foiled.  I'm starting to panic, because I've got 10 shots to get by Friday!!  Any ideas where I can go?   This is a hard town for this type of project, and with the summer over, there's not a lot going on.  


Chris O said...

It's about time!!! Just kidding!!! Love Bob and his bike. I can see why Adam would be happy to be on the bike. Cool bike. Once again a great pic, Lynn.

Anonymous said...

What a great mind. Always a safe road ahead.