Thursday, September 13, 2012

Faces 25 and 26: Deb and Taylor

My favorite theater--the Westwood Plaza Theatre and Cafe.  Nowhere else can you go, order a nice sandwich platter, go inside to watch the movie, and have your food delivered to your seat. Then you can sit back, relax, watch a flick and chow down.  The prices are also really good, so if I want to just go to a movie with the kiddos in the afternoon, it's really economical.  :)

I love the names of the platters, all named after actors or movies.  One of my faves is "The Last Action Gyro."  Yum.

I'm still not sure exactly how the little lit candles work out, but the system somehow does the trick!

They've also recently gone digital, unlike many small theatres, so the quality of the film is really good, too.

So here's Deb, who has been working at the theatre for 12 years.  I've seen her plenty of times, but would have never gotten to know her name or have a chance to visit her without this project.

Goooo project!

And this is Taylor.  He has been at the theatre for about 3 years.  Now I know who's making my food--and maybe since we've had a chance to chat today I can hit him up for an extra pickle next time I'm at a movie.  hehe.  I looooove the pickle spears at this place.

If you live in the area (or in Latrobe, since they recently opened a theatre there), check 'em out!  You won't be disappointed with either the smile at the ticket counter or with your meal.  

Thanks you guys.  Not only for the shots but for being patient as I struggled with a glitchy camera.  I think it needs a tune-up...

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Chris O said...

We have a little, independent theater like this (it only serves noisy movie snacks like popcorn and candy in crinkly packaging) in a town not far from where I live. I love it there! It only has two small theaters and it recently went digital. It not only has movies for adults but also has a mmovie series for kids.