Friday, August 31, 2012

Faces 15: Half way!

Say hi to Hal, Elizabeth, and Roselyn.  They were coming out of the Alternative Community Resource Program building loaded with boxes, so I stopped to open the door (and was blessed with a nice blast of AC for my efforts!  AH!).  I took the opportunity to ask for their picture, and they obliged.  YES!  I appreciated it, because they probably didn't feel photo ready, but they agreed anyway, and I think they look great!

They're running a basketball shoot and other activities for kids in the community this weekend, as well as offering other important and worthwhile programs on a regular basis.

I told them the picture was just a little group picture, but what made it special were the people in it, involved in doing good in the area.  Programs like these make a difference, and thank goodness for those seeing that they happen.  

So go shoot baskets this weekend and meet some people with big hearts.


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Chris O said...

I wish our new media would print or even report on the nightly new more great things like this and especially about the people who give their time willingly because they realize how important it is to help others. Great photo as always!!!

Anonymous said...

They certainly feel to be 'a cornerstone of society'. May time and life please treat them kind.