Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 56 Mismatched

It is a very slow photo day, obviously!  I have pretty nice hands, I guess, thanks to good genes.  Long, pianist (or pickpocket!) fingers.  Luckily, I went the piano route, but that's another story.  OK.  On first glance the hands look fine, but check this out:

Yup.  The one on the right is normal, but the one on the left is short and stubby.  How weird is that? This picture doesn't even do the strangeness justice, since I have the left one a little higher, but imagine if you put the two joints side by side.  See how short it would is then?  The thumbnail grows out really strange, too. Kind of splayed out like a fan.  No acrylic nails for me!  I didn't suck my thumb as a child, either.  I'm just a freak.

Years ago I worked in a photography studio in a mall.  Right next door was, of all things, a shop that..um..told fortunes, did palm readings, that kind of thing.  OK--the shop didn't do the telling.  The lady who rented the space did.  But I digress.  I'm certainly not into that whole palmistry thing, but because of the layout of this particular section of the mall, everyone there got to know each other.  Story short:  She took a glance at my thumbs one day while we were sitting on the bench together at lunch, and she said they were "criminal" thumbs, and that in a past life I probably spent a good portion of my time behind bars!  *Insert eye roll here*

Anyway, I was visiting with my Grandma Hap one day a couple of months later, and she said, "I see you have my thumbs."  And yes, hers were the same!  Now instead of thinking how ugly they are, I can have a little reminder of Grandma with me wherever I go.  And I DO have bragging rights as the person with the strangest thumbs around!


Joyce said...

I enjoyed the story of your thumbs. You share a special gift with your grandmother. xo

Allegria said...

Joyce: Thanks for stopping by! I wish she had given me something else. Weird thumbs? Thanks Gran. But I'll take 'em! :o)

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

In France we say its' a "marque de fabrique" when you got some singularity your ancestors had... I think your's is great... and could be an illustration of what we are "inside"...

Sogni Siciliani said...

How strange that I found your story...My mother had those thumbs!!!!! Short and stubby!!! I do not have them but reading this story brings back wonderful memories of my mother. She was a great cook and seamstress!!!
So I give you a thumbs up on this story.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I love little physical quirks that connect us to our ancestors, literally. My grandma showed me how she lost her fingerprint lines on the tips of her fingers when she was older. The same thing's happening to me. And my son has one pointed "elf" ear and one rounded, just like my dad.

Laurie said...

Amazing thumbs! Great photographs on your blog. I remember that if your big toe and the one next to it are the same length, then you are likely to be a fantastic athlete. Not sure what yours mean.
Best wishes