Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 76: Say Hello To My Little Friends

Robitussin, Tylenol, and Kleenex. 

Robitussin is the kind of fairweather friend that says they'll be with you through thick and thin, but when the pressure is on bails on you, leaving you to hack it out alone before they come back, promising another 6 hours of relief, then buggering out again at only 3 hours.  But for some reason, even though they fail you again and again, you have a sense that their intentions are good, so you keep forgiving them and try to make the friendship work the best you can.

Tylenol is great.  When the chips are down, Tylenol kicks that headache down and sits on it.  Tylenol is the kind of friend that's good to have when you're lost in a bad part of town and are afraid of getting mugged.  You know that he's got your back.

Kleenex--always there.  They sympathize with your plight and help you mop up the mess.  They're not flashy, and most of the time they're not noticed, but when you need them you know you can count on them to help you through.  They never give advice and they don't try to fix your problems for you--they just sit by your side and listen.

All three friends are having ample opportunities to prove themselves the last couple of days, and as much as I am grateful to have them, I really, really wish I didn't need them right now.

Hack hack.


Anonymous said...

Do know the Kleenex, however the other two, I haven't heard of before.

A Wednesday filled with best friends I'd like to wish to you.

Allegria said...

Thanks, Robert. Tylenol is a brand name of acetaminophen--headache and pain medication. You might have it in Greece under a different brand. Robitussin is a cough syrup. Tastes disgusting. Bleh. I hope these friends can go back in the cupboard soon!