Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 60: Beauty in the oddest places

About a month ago, I posted this photo, one of a few plants encased in ice during an unexpected weather glitch. Here it is:
(Ed. 11/07):  Just found that it's  milkweed.  But you knew that, right?)

Yesterday, I took my usual weekly drive to Bedford, and when I was coming back, I saw what has happened to them since the weather has warmed up and we actually had an Autumn.  I couldn't stop and take a picture then, so today when I was out running errands, I took a little trip to take some pictures.
Aren't these plants amazing? 


Talk about telling the whole world "HEY!  Look at ME!  I'm REPRODUCING!!!"  It's almost obscene, really, but oddly beautiful, even though it's just a weed. 

One of the things that I've discovered lately is being able to find beauty in the strangest places.  Taking the challenge of taking photos every day means that I have to look beyond the usual to look at things that I normally would just pass by without a second glance.  It's such a blessing, and it gives me a reason to be grateful every day.  My work consists of hours sitting in front of the computer at home.  It's great having a reason to leave the house, even if it's just into the back yard or around the block, and take a close look at the world.  I'm having a great time finding little treasures everywhere I go.  Thank you, 365 Day Challenge!

I'm going to stick this one in for my mom, who always looks forward to photos of the kids on here. Here's one of the Boy-o on the tire swing.  He went from loving it, to being scared of it, to loving it again.  How I love this little munchkin.


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

What a beautiful smile !!! For the plant it looks like another plant we called "perruche" (it's the name of a bird) I saw it when I was a child... My grand-mother put it on a glass and it drank...

Allegria said...

Otli: I googled perruche, and came up with a budgie bird--but not a plant. I'm trying to imagine your grandmother putting the plant on a glass and the plant drinking. Does it kind of look like a bird? I'd be interested in seeing a link to your plant, if you have the time to send one! :o)

Kathryn said...

Oh my God...what a beautiful face he has! And such a sweet smile!

Those photos of the milkweed are beautiful...of course, I wud've thought it was some sort of cotton strangely beautiful.

I'm so glad you went back to photograph them...thanks so much for sharing!

Laurie Ashton Farook said...

You know that whole "I'm having to look deeper to see things around me and notice beauty in places I never would have seen it before"? That's the reason I started doing Project 365. :) And you know what? It's working. :D So glad it is for you, too. You've got some great photos. And I NEED a new camera. ;)