Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 81:Ghost Car

So today we decided that we needed to get out of the house.  You know that feeling?  The walls start contracting and it doesn't matter how big the space is, it is toooo small.  So we left the dishes in the sink, the toys over the living room floor, and wet laundry in the washer, tumbled ourselves into the car and drove to Bedford to see the Christmas decorations at Old Bedford Village.

But like many of our family outings, the idea is great but the failure is in the execution!  Hubby had looked online for the hours of operation, so all seemed great.  We strapped the kids in, one in the very back and one in the middle for our sanity and their safety, and away we went.  45 minutes later, we arrived at the Village only to find that they were, indeed, closed for the season!  What do you mean "season?"  They usually have neat displays, supposedly.  ARGH.  So what to do, what to do.  Antiquing?  Uh...3 year old child.  Nope.  Museum?  Same 3 year old child.  But finally we decide to go to the museum anyway.  Drive up. Park and get everyone unbuckled.  The wind is whistling in our ears and we can feel our blood congeal.  It's freezing.  But up the hill we walk to the museum only to see the sign.  You guessed it!  "Closed for the season."

So we went back home and to the mall where we had the kids' picture taken with Santa Claus instead.  Which we only tried once before two years ago to a screaming baby and a Santa who looked like he'd been into the grog.  This year it was fine, the kids were happy, Santa was jolly and kind with a nice, freshly groomed, snow white natural beard, the photographer was great with kids so the picture turned out cute, and now we're safely home after, almost quite literally, the whole afternoon in the car!

So I guess these pictures of a few old cars taken through some glass at a private display on a Bedford corner where I yelled "STOP!!!  Picture of the day!!!" are appropriate.

I was going to delete this next one right off the camera because there was so much glare.  I'm glad I didn't though, because I think it looks waaaay cool!  Kind of like a ghost car.  OoooOOooo!!!

And then I thought, "Hmn.  I wonder..." and did this with it.

Which one do you like best?


Erin said...

Life sometimes does not goes as we had planned, so we just have to roll with the punches. And just think, if you had not gone... you would not have come home with this fantastic image!

I recently came across the idea of thinking 3 positives thoughts for every 1 negative experience. It sounds as though you were able to do that in this situation. :)

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

The second one ;)

Anonymous said...

When we moved to the Midwest and discovered that Dairy Queens closed for the season, we were dumbstruck. Close a swimming pool, close the baseball fields, but Dairy Queen? People don't eat ice cream in winter?

Allegria said...

Erin: That's so true. What's the point in fretting over what can't be helped, anyway. That's why so many people have hypertension!

Otli: I think you're right. I'm thinking about framing it, actually. I love it when accidents turn out better than you expect!

Merrilymarylee: DQ is closed for the season here, too. I mean, honestly. I grew up in Northern BC and Dairy Queen was open year round, and we had winter for 6 months of the year! My sister and I have birthdays in the winter, the nearest DQ was in the nearest largish town 3 hours away, and we'd be sure to have to make a shopping trip near then so we could get an ice cream cake and get it home in the trunk of the car without it melting. So yes, I know what you're talking about. LOL

julochka said...

i like the top one best. :-) and we've had that kind of day around here too. tho' usually we just come home and heat up some æbleskiver in the oven and eat them with way too much powdered sugar and strawberry jam. :-)

Allegria said...

Julochka: Your mention of aebleskivers reminds me that I have a recipe for one of my Danish ancestor's aebleskivers. I've never made them, but if they help with days where everything ends up topsy turvy, I'm all for 'em! I think I was told you need a special turner/pan or something for them. I'll have to investigate...

Laurie Ashton Farook said...

I like the last picture the best. Done in black and white, it looks very shiny, very... Hmm. It's the best. :)

The Aebleskiver pans are sort of like muffin tins, but half a round globe instead, I think. I've seen pictures and heard about them, but not seen one.

And the idea of closing DQs for the winter is strange for me, too. I also grew up in the north with 6 month winters reaching -40C and ours didn't close. What madness is this?